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Satsang: The Way of Self-Realisation...

About The Program...

Self Inquiry is Self Love, the way of Supreme Enlightenment... "Do Yourself & Those You Love The Supreme Service Of Deep Immersion Within Your Very Own Being, All The Way To The Core & You Will Find The Treasure You Seek Has Always Been Right Where You Are." Dr Sally Gray Phd OMC 'Heaven' Is Now! What You Really Are Has Never Been Touched By Any Though & Has Nothing To Do With What You Believe Yourself To Be... It Is Merely Perspective That Appears To Veil True Identity... In The Absence Of The Contents Of Mind, In The Transcending Of All Preferences & Opinions, In Emptiness The Truth Of Infinite & Eternal Love Is Revealed... Satsang Is The Doorway To ABSOLUTE Liberation, The KNOWING Of Fulfilled Being Now & Always...

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USD 997.00

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I Am the Light of the World

I Am the Light of the World

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