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'A Mind Revolution' Digital Version Book & Bonuses

About The Program...

A Mind Revolution Digital Version Book PLUS Bonuses by Dr Sally Gray for $10... How To Be Self-Realized In Oneness Reality & Abide In The Highest Love, Perfect Peace & Supreme Fulfilment of Being... The journey to discover Pure Consciousness & live in Self-Realized Bliss, a benediction to Love & Life... You'll receive your Digital pdf download of "A Mind Revolution" Book & the Bonuses as follows: 1. Expose the 'Avatar' Worksheet - SEE with clarity what you are not by exposing all personal labels, concepts, ideas & patterns with ease... 2. Exposing Emotions Wheel - this is a profound resource for compassionate inquiry, witnessing the emotional bonds of misidentification swiftly... 3. The Core Beliefs 'Cheat Sheet' - a multi-decade research masterpiece pointing you precisely to the stories & assumptions that have played you... 4. The 'Self-Transcendence' Alchemy Worksheet - a practical guide to keep you focused on the only 'work' worthy of you, a true demonstration of the Highest Self Love... 5. Purification Mastery Guide - the fast path to becoming a true master of mind & restore dominion as Co-Creator... 6. Framework Overview Infographic - a handy tool to provide game changing clarity of focus at a glance... * Hard Copy of the Book is also now available Australia Wide for $35.00 through the Oneness Collection Shop

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Single Payment
USD 10.00
'A Mind Revolution'
USD 10.00
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