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The Books...

Image by Hush Naidoo Jade Photography

Below are the books of Spirit, the gifts that point earnest seekers to the Truth of Oneness which comprise the practical 'way' in the highly coveted "Hub" community, private consultancy & general group programs...


A Mind Revolution

Available in Digital

& Hardcopy format.

The science & well lit path of Illumination for beginners.

The Art & Mastery of Quantum Prayer_draft4.png

Quantum Prayer

Volume 3

Mastering the art of alignment in Oneness, in the Reality of the Riches of the Kingdom of Heaven NOW. Living a Life of Grace & extending the Infinite Limitless Blessings of Truth.


The Ego Detox

Volume 1

Harness the mechanics of life to fully live & live fulfilled beyond the illusion & prison of personal reality.


Quantum Forgiveness

Volume 2

The practice of rising into Pure Consciousness through right forgiveness, the ultimate remedy for the imaginary problems of mortal man.

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