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Meet Sal...


The Truth of You is Already Established in Creation & It Not ONLY Cannot be Altered or Broken, It Is The Greatest Treasure There Is! YOU Are the Kingdom of Heaven: "I" Am...

Raising the bar for Consciousness Consulting in the world, Sal is widely referred to as the Angel with a sledgehammer, working with those 'ready' to realise the realm of Divine Liberation

is already fully established within & nothing stands in the way of Oneness NOW!

If you want the Peace that passeth understanding, TRUE abundance, it's here to be claimed...

Flower Blossoms

"My writings are only for those who are willing to receive the truth in a simple & childlike state of mind, for it is they who are to possess the kingdom of God. I have written only for those that seek;

to the cunning & worldly wise I have nothing to say."

Jacob Boehme

About Sal...

Let's start on the right foot in total clarity, straight shooting is how we roll at Exploring Consciousness Co, who doesn't want to save time & cut right the chase?! There is NO thing special about me whatsoever, do not be fooled by my obsession with education, I do NOT want to be called "Dr" or "Reverend". Appearances are never what they seem & the need to 'be more' was my path to see through the illusion of misidentification

& restore True Vision in Oneness...

There is no personal self in Truth & so for convention sake I offer this short bio because we don't see

clearly at first & we're fascinated by the appearance of 'others', we're addicted to the 'story',

but remember we are One in the same, Consciousness is All There Is...

As I look back on my life, it's really no surprise at all that I have walked the Mystical path within ALL the way to the Greatest Treasure of "I". Unintentionally I've always been headed 'here', an unexpected & unofficial Mystic. I had no conscious wish to know God (Source of Life) as such but was passionately driven by a question that directed my attention & actions & unknowingly led me to the greatest discovery of Life. Turns out the question "what's behind that", is the same as "what am I", the most profound question there is, leading directly to the Grand Prize that exceeds ALL worldly offerings, achievements, attainments...

I had been immersed most of my career playing a character (in every possible way) in naturopathic & functional medicine practice, specialising in chronic, untreatable health cases, predominantly paediatrics for over 20 years. I had always been at the cutting edge of my field & my insatiable desire to know ‘what’s behind that’ led me directly to the revelation of the fundamental meta physics & dynamics of Life, exploring the realm of Consciousness, to that which is ground zero, dissolving all that serves as an obstacle that keeps us from seeing 'this' clearly. All that we appear to see in the empirical world (the objects of observation - including the body) is nothing more than

a distraction to the deepest healing & experiencing Heaven...

What we 'think' we are is a belief to be undone, which organically reveals True Reality in Oneness.

Before all that is observed is the Pristine, Perfect observer, THIS is where our

focus needs to be, at cause & not in the assumed effect...

This is the knowing of Being without any problems, One with All,

awake from the dream of division & separation which is itself the only problem which has no real foundation!

EVERYONE deserves to & CAN know 'this' & be healed beyond the notion of sickness & suffering...


In a series of revelatory Mystical experiences I gained profound knowledge & understanding of Life which led me to promptly quit my illustrious successful clinical career & follow the Mystical path deeper where

the source of all that I really wanted was flowing unconditionally...

This led me down the path of several Truth traditions, culminating in Ministerial ordination for the non-dual Oneness teachings of A Course in Miracles & a Phd in Consciousness Psychology that led to “The Origin of Decision” studies, my book “A Mind Revolution”, as well as subsequent books (see the menu above)

& another existential beliefs research project...

I've discovered peace of mind & happiness that has no conditions right where "I Am".

This is what I now share full-time in my private consultancy & group programs in Satsang, taking sincere Spiritual seekers ALL the way to the Ultimate Reality of True Self-Realization; Awakening from the dream of separation into the Reality of the Holy Grail as Being One in Perfect Completion...

You CAN live a Life that is ever expanding in the Peace that passeth understanding when you know the


"I Am" IS One...

Having dedicated my life to an illusion, I awakened to Glorious Reality, a Life of Grace, the greatest gift anyone can give the world is to see it clearly & there's no problem to be seen; aka True Empathy...

I stand with those 'ready' to rise above perception, a decision few ever make, for whom the REAL Treasure Awaits!

One of my most influential teachers, Joel Goldsmith, shared this insight below

which paves the way 'home':

"Illumination dissolves all material ties and binds men together with the golden chains of spiritual understanding;
it acknowledges only the leadership of the Christ; it has no ritual or rule but the divine, impersonal, universal Love; no other worship than the inner Flame that is ever lit at the shrine of the Spirit. This union is the free state of spiritual brotherhood. the only restraint is the discipline of the Soul, therefore we know liberty without licence; we are a united universe without physical limits; a divine service to God without

ceremony or creed. The illumined walk without fear."

"The Mystic, having attained Spiritual Grace, finds himself well endowed

materially & mentally as well as Spiritually, & thus has

12 baskets full to share."

Image by Ravi Pinisetti

What is a mystic?

One who desires nothing from the world

because they know where the Source of all happiness, love and fulFILLment is found & it is for everyone.

A mystic does not have a goal to change the world,

knowing full well that the world is 

a reflection of an internal condition.

Knowing spiritual reality to be Truth,

and the world of form to be illusory,

mystics are fully aware

of the eternal nature of our Being.

All formal education, which had been my mortal obsession, was thrown away.

Ideas & concepts hold nothing to the Truth. To discover the Truth requires radical willingness to see everything

differently, a desire for the Truth above all else, epic personal responsibility & a guide  BEYOND reproach!

I now live a Life of Alignment with God in Oneness, abiding in the Heavenly Reality that exists when all that is illusory is stripped away. There are no problems here, just the permanent Peace that passeth understanding...


I live beyond the reach of any & all problems in Pure Happiness, KNOWING "I have everything" & so it is!

There's absolutely no mystery to Life, we see what we've decided to see & what it is that we value.

When the mind is healed of all that is false, what is seen is Pristine Light & experience follows the mind! Abundance beyond human measure is the Reality that awaited me & awaits all beyond the capacity of the

limited human thinking mind to grasp...

I stand with anyone courageous enough to pivot on the convincing world presented through the corrupted lens of personal perception to discover the real Treasure, the Holy Grail,

the Pure Consciousness of one’s very own Being…

Based in Australia where I serve clients globally, "I" am first & foremost a Child of God & student of son Jacob & husband Mike. We share a commitment to Truth & Integrity & continue to raise the bar for joy & laughter to lead with Love...


I had always relied on education to fill that gap I assumed as real. Most of my experience in the world has been as a student of information until I realized the redundant role this played in Truth & its hindrance to True Peace & Happiness. Below is a sample of the education I have endured to discover the priceless & idea-less Reality of Being right where "I Am", always have been & always will be...

Mystic by Nature

Phd Theocentric Psychology (Origin of Decision published)

Masters Metaphysics

Transpersonal Counseling & Psychotherapy – IKON with the late Professor Raphael Locke

Minister Metaphysics, OMC, A Course in Miracles

Neuroscience Trainer – The Neuroscience Academy

Huna Teacher & Shamanic Practitioner

Stress Mastery Educator – AIS

Success Principles Trainer Jack Canfield

Master Life Coach

NLP & EFT Practitioner

Masters Nutrition

BSc Naturopathy

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Reiki Master

Psych-K & Quantum Touch Practitioner

BA Religious Anthropology

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