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Self-Guided Journey


This is a VERY practical self-paced experiential journey to the Truth of Grace within,
utilising the teachings from a Course in Miracles…

Here is a sneak peek of what you will dive into…
Waking Up is a Process of:

*Realizing that you are not the ego mind. You are not the individual self you think you made. You are not the body.
* Returning your individual self-image to wholeness.
* Seeing wholeness - holiness in your brother instead of your projections of guilt.
* Stepping back in the now moment and allowing the Holy Spirit to heal your false perceptions. * Letting all your belief in the reality of time, space and form be undone.
* Recognizing barriers to Love and letting them be replaced by truth.
* Becoming aware of Love's Eternal Presence everywhere.
* Becoming willing"... to return the unhealed part of your mind to the higher part, returning it undivided to creation.": (T-5.IV.2:6)

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"If you feel the Love of God within you,
you will look out on a world of mercy and of love:'
(Workbook Lesson:189.5:5)

- A Course of Miracles

It’s NEVER been so ‘practical’…

All ancient spiritual wisdom has told us that Spiritual Awakening
can only be an experiential journey,

it was Hermann Hesse that said “The Truth is Lived not taught.”

You will never be satisfied reading about Spiritual Truth...

In the Practical Awakening short program you will be guided through a curriculum to
expand in Truth (God) Consciousness KNOW the Truth deep in your bones…

The program will enhance & support your daily journey in ‘time’ as you Awaken from
the illusion of separation & into the Reality of God's Imperturbable Peace…

The workbook & short program is an opportunity to immerse deeply in Truth
ensuring the ‘way’ home to Love is crystal clear…

Your Supreme Happiness is right where you are, it’s time to know THAT Self!

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Sally, WA, Australia

This session was SO clarifying! Thank you! A huge “A-HA”. I absolutely have been looking at bodies & trying to see oneness. There is only one son of God, dreaming of being separate - like looking at itself through a kaleidoscope & believing each refraction to be an individual. When I look ‘out’ and see my ‘brothers’ I am told to love them as myself because my brother IS myself. Another clunk: Discernment is making a clear distinction between the false and the true - which is an activity of the WITNESS, not of the human! I am only ever making a choice to be in Heaven (being) NOW, or I’m delaying.

Helen, United Kingdom

Wow! What an amazing session. Thank you so much. Great clarification about the level confusion, not seeking oneness in the world, but in Spirit in Being. it’s the choice of Spirit or the world, Heaven in being or hell in the world. Show up in Being, and keep bringing yourself back to Being and repeat until you stay there. Abide in Heaven in Being. Thank you .

Anika, WA, Australia

Moving through the workbook this time has been nothing-less than PACKED of insights and revelations! Each session I think WOW that was incredible! But I realise that it is that exquisite presence which makes it so... My workbook has almost no white spaces left because there is no half-assery going on and it has been truly transformational... It would be a very different experience without this focus and attention. I am grateful for this VERY clear Call to action to play hard and put the words into play. They mean nothing on their own - its spirit that brings them alive and it requires exquisite presence to hear!

Jacqui, United Kingdom

I feel such lightness and presence what a beautiful gift these sessions are thank you .. i am whole perfect and complete. God is

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