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Restoring "I"dentity in Christ - 31 Day Fully Guided Journey.

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If you don’t know who you are, you cannot experience deep inner peace.

Complete & absolute contentment & fulfilment appear to be absent.

Instead, confusion reigns & this is the human (misidentified) awareness in experience.

The human experience of personality & personal reality is a dream-state of perpetual,

unavoidable & unstoppable suffering, a mere issue of awareness stemming from

the acceptance of being something you're not; ie a person in a material world.

What you do believe you are determines your worth,

your experience, your destination & your inheritance.

Your experience is a direct match of what you

believe yourself to be without exceptions.

What you seem to 'see' on the outer is

the mirror of the inner; mind is life!

You already know what you really are in the

depths of Being, hidden deep within Consciousness,

which is why no-thing you seem to 'have' has ever truly satisfied!

The belief in person-hood is the insurmountable

limitation on Life & the obstacle to knowing the Self,

the Divine Peace & Happiness that is yours to claim.

When in fact & in Truth you are

Whole, Perfect & Complete NOW!

Limitless & Infinite, One with ALL

This intensive journey of daily Truth immersion

will serve to restore True "I"dentity.

Knowing the Self in Truth is the restoration

of the One in Ultimate Reality,

The Highest Love of Oneness & Supreme answer to Life.

"What you think you are is a belief to be undone" - A Course in Miracles

The assumption of person-hood is simply replaced with Truth, not fought against,

the Light merely replaces the darkness of misperception & misidentification.

The purpose of the world is singular, to remember "What I Am",

to claim the Greatest Treasure there has ever been or ever will be: YOU!


BE Transformed by the renewing of your mind...

We will join every single day for a 20-45 minute live session,

sinking deeper into Christhood, with practices to apply.

Swiftly RISE above illusions, walk in strength beyond the reaches of the false mind.

This is a journey to master discernment & purify the mind of what is unreal,

leaving ONLY that which is True!

The Pristine Light of Being: YOU!

We will DEEPLY explore the Truth of Being,

the indisputable facts of Life in Imperturbable & Indisputable Divine Reality,

see your Self how God sees you.

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Each day you'll take a step higher & ever higher into Ultimate Reality &

Know Thy Self!

You will discover how to 'see' your Self & others in the Light of Love,

transforming Life entirely...

You will have access to all the replays, practical assignments & group conversation permanently.

INCLUDING a concise & extensive workbook with teachings you can refer back to in the Living Prayerful Life.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

If you have any questions, contact us via email :

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