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Self-Paced Program

To see the false as false allows the Truth to be revealed.
You know what you are, you just don't realize what you are not!

The Truth is lovelier than you could imagine;

you are One with the immensity of Infinite & Eternal Love,
the Child of Creation, the Holy Grail of Being in Heaven...

This profoundly mind purifying & awakening shadow alchemy training will
leap you along the Self-Realization way & set you directly ON track to know
the Ultimate Reality of Supreme Being in Heaven now...

In this program, we explore archetypes in a highly specialised & transcendent
fashion in order to spot the programs that are running us
NOT to make peace, but to dissolve them!

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    Bringing Light To Replace Darkness - All pricings are in USD
    • 24/7 Online Learning Portal - with comprehensive resources
    • Private Group Community
    • Private Group Community With 'Teaching'
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