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Practical Awakening In A Sleeping World

About The Program...

This is a VERY practical self-paced experiential journey to the Truth of Grace within, utilising the teachings from a Course in Miracles… Here is a sneak peek of what we will dive into… Waking Up is a Process of: * Realizing that you are not the ego mind. You are not the individual self you think you made. You are not the body. * Returning your individual self-image to wholeness. * Seeing wholeness - holiness in your brother instead of your projections of guilt. * Stepping back in the now moment and allowing the Holy Spirit to heal your false perceptions. * Letting all your belief in the reality of time, space and form be undone. * Recognizing barriers to Love and letting them be replaced by truth. * Becoming aware of Love's Eternal Presence everywhere. * Becoming willing"... to return the unhealed part of your mind to the higher part, returning it undivided to creation.": (T-5.IV.2:6)

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Practical Awakening, USD 9.00
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